WITDA Toddler Program

Our space is built for active and inquisitive toddlers with environments made up of well-planned learning centers that allow for physical activity, child choice and self-directed play, small groups, and supportive teaching. There are reading nooks, sensory tables, great books, pretend play areas, baskets filled with dress-up and exploratory materials, musical instruments, and outdoor places to explore.

Learning experiences are planned to promote each toddler’s growing independence, to enhance social skills, and to build the confidence needed to reach their individual potential and prepare for preschool and beyond.

We have a beautiful outdoor space that we use on a daily basis to give them the chance to move, climb, jump and run!

Our goals of our Toddler Program:

  • Provide a safe and warm learning environment
  • Foster independence, curiosity and exploration
  • Focus on developing social and emotional skills
  • Provide a space that allows free movement and the opportunity to develop both fine and gross motor skills
  • Provide an environment of rich language experiences
  • Our materials offer hands on, active learning experiences
  • Create a community within our classroom based on respect for self and others
  • Lay a solid educational foundation and instill a love of life-long learning

At the Waterloo Infant Toddler Daycare Association we offer both full time and part time daycare for toddlers. We are happy to discuss which option best fits your family.

Full Time & Part Time Programs: 18 months to 30 months

The Toddler Program offers an understanding and supportive environment. The children grow and learn while developing their own individuality. This program introduces the children to respect, sharing and empathy. For many children, this is the first time they are away from the security of home. We work with our families to make this transition as smooth as possible. The staff to child ratio in this program is 1:5 with 3 RECE’s teachers.

Part time options consist of anywhere from 2 to 4 days of attendance.

Daycare Updates Since Covid-19 Reopening